Painting-Set 10 parts

Article number: 08430300

colourmix pallet, 2 bristle brushes,
4 hair brushes, 2 chinese white, paint brushes cup

Packing unit: 8


The composition of the 10-piece painting set by Metzger & Mendle combines a colourmix pallet, paint brushes cup, 2 opaque white, 6 hair- and bristle brushes.
The paint brushes cup has a capacity of approx. 200 ml and a coloured cap with lid.
The white colourmixing palet consists of 10 mixing hollows and measures 23 x 17 cm. Thanks to its adapted shape and thumb hole, it is easy to hold and reduces the risk of the pallet and paint slipping out of your hands.
The bristle brushes are included in sizes 6, 8, 10 and 12 and the hair brushes in sizes 4 and 6.
Two opaque whites with 7.5 ml tube contents each, complete the set.