We bring holidays to your desk! With the tropical colours coconut-white, lagoon-green and flamingo-pink you will be in a good mood immediately!

With its capacity of 18 litres our Wastepaper basket swallows everything that is no longer needed on the desk. All pens and utensils can be stored in the matching pen holder. And if one is not enough – the three colours look really great in combination.
The same applies to the letter tray A4 and the magazine holder STYLE. In the Tropic assortment they bring a breath of fresh air into every office. They are made of high-quality, durable plastic.

We have also not forgotten pupils and students in this series. The popular index card box made of sturdy PP, which can be closed with an elastic band, is the perfect way to store index cards in your school bag or backpack. Both formats A7 and A8 are already equipped with 100 index sheets each.

We have supplemented this series with our office-assortment “Tropic”. This pretty matchbox style box is filled with 8 foldback clips 19mm and 50 paper clips 28mm. So the clips are always well stored and in this original packaging you will make a good figure on every desk.


Our new color series spreads glamor in the office and on the desk! That‘s why she got the corresponding name from us: Deluxe

With the colors gold, silver and rose gold, which look great on their own or in combination, you can polish up the office or even the home office. The colors have a noble metallic effect that makes them shine and shimmer!

The products Magazine holder, Letter tray, pen holder and Note box are made of stable polystyrene to guarantee a long lifetime.

As a supplement to our plastic products, we have the right clips + pins ready!

The Tropical Paperclips embellish every document with their different shapes (flamingo, pineapple, cactus and the image of the Monstera leaf)!

More classic, but no less beautiful, are our „3 in 1“ assortments:
Here, we have combined paper clips, pins and foldback clips per color in a box, so that the desk can be completely equipped in the color of their favorite precious metal!

Card-Box A6

Our card box in A6 size makes the hearts of all hand lettering fans beat faster.
It is filled with 70 cards with a stable grammage of 250g/m², from which wonderful greeting or postcards can be made! There are no limits to creativity!

The box is available in our Deluxe-Line filled with 40 white and 30 black cards and in our Tropic-Line filled with 70 white cards.

Rubber Band-Balls

To complement our popular Rainbow series, we have added these little friends to our range.

Each rubber ball contains 90 rubber bands and is safely packed in a plastic screw ball in the respective color.
These 4 colors are available: lime-green, ocean-blue, berry-violet and sunset-red.

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