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Metzger & Mendle

1. The company


Company Metzger & Mendle GmbH was founded in Fischach in 1922. Fischach is a small city
located approx. 25 km west of Augsburg, close to the so-called „Stauden - Naturpark Westliche
Waelder", a region of natural scrubland and protected forests. In its early days the company
manufactured horn combs, then started to produce salad servers and egg spoons made from
synthetic resins. Later on the product range was expanded with salt & pepper shakers and
Perspex glass buttons.
In 1955 many of these household articles were decorated with hand-printed gentian and
edelweiss motifs.

Since 1970 Metzger & Mendle has been a member of the group Hoerauf & Kohler.

In 1975 office and school requisites faced another enlargement, starting with the "Desk-Boy",
a molded unit desk-tidy that was bought from over 1 Million customers in 1976. At present,
those accessoires are being produced by 17 injection moulding machines ranging from
40t to 650t.

The headquarters operate on 15,000 m², M&M thereby utilizing state-of-the-art machinery in
synthetic materials processing for manufacturing. Customer orientated services also include
a screen printing department along with internal assembly such as blister packs and all
necessary packing facilities.

In 2009 M&M expanded its program again by acquiring "office requisites in synthetic material"
from Voss+Sohn GmbH and is pleased to announce that this incorporation was extremely
successful, especially with the suppert of valued customers.

On top, in autumn 2011, we implemented 30 injection molding tools from company
Westo GmbH & Co. Kunststofftechnik (plasics technology) in our machine park. Thus the
procuct line of M&M has not only been additionally extended by acrylic goods suchs as
storage shelf, magazine file, note boxes, etc. but also by some products made from polystyrene.

At present the group and its foreign shareholders emply roughly 700 people and achieve an
annual turnover of approx. 75 Million Euros.

Part of the company group:

Hörauf & Kohler GmbH



2. Engagement
2.1 Blue Angel


We represent a proper concern for natural resources and therefore have already been producing
for years on the basis of recycled plastic material.
In return we were awarded the environmental label "Blue Angel" in March 2011 and are classified
as a certified supplier of components as far as office supplies are concerned which are made out
of post consumer material.

2.2 Cooperation with social enterprises


We champion actively the support and employment of handicapped and disabled people in working life.
We are partner of the workshops:

Innere Mission München - Diakonie in München und Oberbayern e.V.
Dominikus Ringeisen-Werk
Arbeiterwohlfahrt Bezirksverband Schwaben e.V.
Caritasverband Augsburg e.V.


2.3 Apprenticeship


We are heavily involved in on-the-job-training of young people and
render professional training every year here in our premises in the fields of:
- industrial business management assistants
- process technicians.

Many of our staff are instructors tested by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Augsburg.
Likewise we are involved in the examination board of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Augsburg.

Metzger & Mendle GmbH Industriestraße 8 86850 Fischach phone: +49 (0) 8236/588-0 fax: +49 (0) 8236/588-44