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Latest designs


Our new color series spreads glamor in the office and on the desk! That‘s why she got the corresponding name from us: Deluxe

With the colors gold, silver and rose gold, which look great on their own or in combination, you can polish up the office or even the home office. The colors have a noble metallic effect that makes them shine and shimmer!

The products Magazine holder, Letter tray, pen holder and Note box are made of stable polystyrene to guarantee a long lifetime.

As a supplement to our plastic products, we have the right clips + pins ready!

The Tropical Paperclips embellish every document with their different shapes (flamingo, pineapple, cactus and the image of the Monstera leaf)!

More classic, but no less beautiful, are our „3 in 1“ assortments:
Here, we have combined paper clips, pins and foldback clips per color in a box, so that the desk can be completely equipped in the color of their favorite precious metal!

Index card boxes A7 and A8

The lightweight and handy index card boxes from Metzger & Mendle finally ensure the perfect storage of vocabulary in the school bag!

Due to the flexible material, the box is flexible, but does not break and does not damage the index cards either. Due to the closure with rubber band, there are no hinges that could break. So the words can be quickly packed and taken everywhere. These great boxes in our vibrant Rainbow-Colors are available for index cards in A7 and A8.

La Natura-Series

Metzger & Mendle stands for product quality and functionality in office products made of plastic. With the desk series M & M Recycling "Blue Angel" we set our sign for sustainable and lasting environmental awareness.
We have now extended this series with 3 new, fresh colors and combined them under the beautiful name "La Natura". The bright "verde" (green) and the sweet "ibisco" (pink) are complemented by the darker "azzurra" (blue). Sorted together, but also in a pure color, you put beautiful splashes of color on your desk and at the same time protect the environment, because these products are made of 100% recycled plastic (post-consumer waste) and stand for a responsible use of existing resources.

Of course, the recyclable series is "Made in Germany".


With the new colors of lime-green, sunset-red, ocean-blue and berry-violet, Metzger & Mendle sets colorful accents at the desk or at work. The new color series is available in the following items: Letter tray, Magazine holder, Drawer box, Desk-Boy, Orga-Boy, Mono-Boy, Jumbo-Sharpener, Note box and Wastepaper basket. In addition, Metzger and Mendle supplies accessories such as rubber bands, various clips and pins, index card boxes and much more in these beautiful colors.

Rubber bands

The neon colored rubber bands from Metzger & Mendle are a practical and at the same time colorful alternative to conventional household gums. There are four different vibrant colors to choose from: green, pink, blue and purple. Or you simply opt for the assorted box "rubber bands 4 in 1", in which all four colors were bundled in one package. Clear message: There is not one most beautiful color, all are beautiful!

So that the contents are not lost after opening, all boxes are resealable and can be stowed without hesitation.

Clips + Pins Assortments

The practical as well as decorative heart boxes from Metzger & Mendle make everyday life in the office or at home desk easier with either 10 foldback clips, 20 rubber bands, 70 paper clips or 30 pins. With their four different fillings they cover every need and allow you to quickly sort and stow your documents or similar. The bright colors in which the boxes are filled (violet, pink, green and blue) are underlined by the transparent lid and the light green lower part of the box. All items together in a box you get with the "assortment box 4 in 1". Also 10 foldback clips, 20 rubber bands, 70 paper clips and 30 pins were sorted here for you. So you can design your desk completely in your favorite color.


Which child does not like to paint? And with these 4 different drawing stencils you can create really great pictures! It is child's play to draw sea animals, vehicles, dinosaurs and horses in order to individually paint them. As a support when coloring, this set also includes 4 double-sided printed motive models (each colored and black / white). Due to the size (267x188mm per stencil) even small children can handle it very well. Packed is this practical set in a polybag with header.

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